Accounting Technician II

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Posted from 7/13/2022 to 9/30/2022
Pay: $2,698.57/Monthly
Compensation Type: Salary
Position Type: Full-Time
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Job Description:
The Accounting Technician II reports directly to the Financial Officer at the facility (state hospital or state-supported living center) and provides administrative and financial support services. The Accounting Technician II routinely performs highly complex (senior-level) technical accounting support work for the financial
office in areas of bookkeeping and financial activities (such as, handling all processing in the trust fund system, pro-card coordination, deposits, travel coordination, paymaster tasks (non-regional office), review and audit cash,voucher prep/scanning (regional office only), deposit and reconciliation reports for Accountant IV at RBMO, and backup cashier as needed). Leads the technicians team in voucher prep/scanning in one of the Health and Specialty Care Regional Business Offices to ensure payments are processed timely to avoid interest payments for past due invoices and payment workloads are appropriately managed among the technicians within the region. The Accounting Technician II has a working knowledge of the HHSC rules and facility policies and procedures, demonstrates the ability to communicate clearly both orally and in writing and provides training as needed to other employees. Completion of job duties requires working under limited supervision with considerable latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgement and provides excellent customer service to all consumers.
Essential Job Functions:
Attends work on a regular basis and may be required to work a specific shift schedule or, at times, even a rotating schedule, extended shift and/or overtime in accordance with agency leave policy and performs other duties as assigned.
-Responsible for processing deposits (call in and entry to CAPPS financials) from the daily receipts and bank deposits for all cash and checks received by the facility.
- Codes, posts, and balances financial accounting documents and records in the Client Trust Fund system.
Review and determine available funds in the CTF system and adjust cash accordingly. Review trust fund (client and benefit funds) for appropriateness of items to be purchased and the availability of funds in the individuals trust fund accounts. Posting of receipts and disbursements into the CTF system. Prepare deceased clients documentation for correspondence with guardians, family, and legal reps for final disbursement of funds. Maintenance of client records to reflect client moves, discharges, and transfers. Disbursement of discharged client account balances.
- Serves as the Procurement Card Coordinator who is the liaison between the agency PCS Procurement Card Administrator, Accountant V RBMO, hospital cardholders, and managers. Reconciles account statements from the procurement card statement to purchases made within the billing cycle per the departmental procurement logs.
Provides procard usage reports as requested by the agency Procurement Card Administrator. Assigns budget
coding to purchases and provides entry to RBMO to enter into CAPPs Financials.
- Provides various accounting audits as required by policy and procedure. Audits include daily audit of cashier’s receipts to daily bank deposit to verify amounts and correct bank account detail, monthly count and balance of petty cash and petty cash from the canteen (if available on campus), quarterly audits of unused checks for trust fund, benefit fund and revolving fund, unclaimed employee payroll warrants and unused cashier receipts. Researches and reconciles discrepancies in accounts, bank statements and CTF system.

- Reviews and monitors contents of the centralized accounts payable box and invoice processing folders, and forwards invoices, receiving reports, and correspondence to other technicians in the team for voucher prep/scanning to ensure payments are processed timely to avoid interest payments for past due invoices and payment workloads are appropriately managed among the technicians within the region.
- Assists RBMO Accountant I on employee payroll processes and questions for the facility employees and contractors.
- Preps payment, cash, journals, and related vouchers for submission to State office accounting. These documents will be either scanned or mailed to SOA (Regional office task only). Prep and scan all deposit, bank
information and reports to submit to RBMO Accountant IV for reconciliation (both regional and non-regional tasks).

- Assists with getting invoices approved prior to entry and payment. Tracks invoices to ensure payments have
been processed against them. Invoices are tracked in an Access database.
- Other duties as assigned include but are not limited to actively participating and/or serving in a supporting role to meet the agency’s obligations for disaster response and/or recovery or Continuity of Operations (COOP) activation. Such participation may require an alternate shift pattern assignment and/or location.
Knowledge Skills Abilities:
Knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles and procedures affecting the maintenance of accounting records and automated accounting systems.

Ability to apply accounting theory to transactions and internal control procedures.

Knowledge of accounts payable and reconciliation.

Skill in using a personal computer. Microsoft applications to include proficiency in Excel, Word, and Outlook.

Knowledge of CAPPs Financials/HHSAS Peoplesoft preferred.

Ability to organize the work of themselves and other team members to ensure timely processing of payment packets.

Ability to prepare and maintain records, files, and reports; and to train other employees.  
Registration or Licensure Requirements:
Applicants with an out-of-state driver’s license must provide an original certified driving record from the state of driving licensure.
Must possess valid Texas driver’s license or obtain it no later than 90 days after hire date. Eligible driving record required, based on HHSC Fleet Management policy.  
Initial Selection Criteria:
1. Experience in processing business documents electronically.
2. Graduation from a standard or high school or equivalent.
3. Experience in CAPPS-FIN is generally preferred.


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